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About Mackinaw Timbers Cabins

Mackinaw Timbers is located on a (mostly) quiet, rural country road with park and ride ORV trail access.  We're also a short bike-ride to the White Pine Trail.  Conveninently located just 5 miles from Lake Mitchell & Lake Cadillac as well as several other local attractions and events in downtown Cadillac, Michigan. Our 10 cabins and 2-bed, 2-bath house, are each thoughtfully decorated with their own unique theme, all with a simple, nostalgic, vintage vibe.

Vintage + A Dash Modern

As a small, family run camp we're miles away from being a "proper hotel".  We're just carrying on a timeless tradition of connecting people to simple pelasures from simpler times. We're set up best for online bookings and have tried to make that process as simple and as straight forward as possible for you! Sorry, no unplanned walk-ins  (we don’t have a front desk) and pretty please, carefully read the details of our listings before booking.   

Each of our private cabins has modern amenities including comfy new mattresses, air conditioning and heat, a smart(ish) TV, Wi-Fi (sometimes spotty), mini kitchen, private bathroom, designated outdoor picnic table and charcoal grill, ensuring a simple, comfy stay without the extra logistics that come with tent or rustic cabin camping. You can also enjoy our community fire pit, horseshoe pit and vintage yard games during your stay.



 For site rentals or if you run into any snags booking online you can call or text us between 8am - 8pm.  Chances are you’ll either reach the owner, Kim, or her voicemail.  She'll call or text back and is always happy to help.

A Unique Stay

We've worked hard to capture the vintage charm and simplicity of the era in each of our cabins. We hope you'll enjoy relaxing in the simple comfort.

Rates and Availability

Our rates vary depending on the season, with discounts available for longer stays. Check our availability calendar for up-to-date information on rates and cabin availability for your desired stay.

On-Site Amenities

We offer a variety of on-site amenities to make your stay with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. From outdoor fire pits to free (although sometimes spotty) Wi-Fi, we have everything you need for a simnple, relaxing getaway.

Explore the Area

There are plenty of local attractions and events in downtown Cadillac, Michigan, just minutes away from our cabins. Visit our "Explore" page to learn more about the area and plan your vacation itinerary.

Our Story

Mackinaw Timbers Cabins isn't just a spot on the map; it's the unexpected chapter in our family saga, one that started brewing way before we caught wind of it. Picture this: a journey stitched together with dreams, a pinch of destiny, and a dollop of serendipity. So, why not grab a brew (coffee, folks, stay with us) and dive into our tale?

2019-10-10 Kim checking on things & gath

Rewind to my youth...our vacations were a merry-go-round of rustic retreats. My dad was all about those cozy, intimate cabins and cottages. You know, the kind with the charm of a private nook, a doorstep parking spot, and a kitchenette that whispered sweet nothings about saving bucks on food. Me? Not a fan. To me, they were musty, dusty, and sometimes hosted critters that didn't bother RSVPing. I yearned for the sanitized bliss of a Holiday Inn. Fast forward through my hotel critic phase, and here we are, embracing the very essence of those cabins I once side-eyed.

Fast track to adulthood, after years in different areas of real estate, fate threw us a curveball with the chance to snag Mackinaw Timbers Cabins. Talk about a plot twist! Holding onto a childhood drawing by Maygan and Kirk, envisioning their dream hotel, it's ironic how life loops. Kirk's out chasing adventures with his hammock, Kollen's hostel-hopping, and yet, here's Maygan, miles from her Air Force base, all in on this cabin venture.

Spring 2018 marked the start of our labor of love, clearing out the property's seasoned collection of tires and whatnot, paving the way for our version of rustic charm, screen doors, vintage chairs, flower boxes, you name it.


Cabin #10 was our guinea pig, a cramped space transformed on Kirk's suggestion to shuffle the mini kitchen into a closet, setting the blueprint for the rest. Each cabin blossomed into its own character, like "Snow Day" with its cozy, wintry vibe, and "The Hemingway," a sanctuary for the literary-minded, decked out with a vintage typewriter and a collection of reads.


Each cabin's completion was like crowning a new favorite child, with Maygan and me playing the stern judges, ensuring everything was up to snuff. These cabins, they're more than just structures; they're capsules of time, evoking that unburdened, back-in-the-day feeling where a screen door's slam is like stepping through a portal.

Our mission? To kindle the magic of traditional log cabins, offering an escape to a simpler, unhurried pace of life.


We're truly excited for you to experience Mackinaw Timbers Cabins, to step into a slice of history, to maybe, just maybe, get why my dad was onto something with his love for these rustic escapes. Somewhere up there, I bet he's having a good chuckle, watching us keep the dream alive. It took a minute, but we finally see the beauty he saw all along."

Experience the charm of vintage vacation cabin rentals with modern comfort. Book your stay with Mackinaw Timbers Cabins today.

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