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Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC
Guest Agreement

Welcome to Mackinaw Timbers Cabins! We’re excited about your upcoming stay.

 We want to ensure a pleasant experience for all our guests thus the need for you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rules and policies.

This Agreement applies to the Guest's stay at the Premises from check-in to check-out and also applies to any other dates which may be included if the reservation is changed. 

This agreement entitles the Guest, and his or her party (together “Guests”) access to the Premises, including exterior grounds and parking as described in listing or otherwise noted. This agreement does not create a tenancy, and at no time will any Guests be considered to be living at the premises.


 Booking Requirements

  • The Primary Guest must be at least 26 years old, provide a credit card in their name, provide a verified government-issued ID in their name and be the signer of this agreement. Securely download photo id may be required.

  • The Primary Guest must stay on-site for the entire reserved period and no third-party bookings are allowed.

  • Full payment is required at the time of booking to hold your cabin. (Exception is if booking the entire site)

  • The primary guest is legally and financially responsible for their guests and for all rental rates, fees’ including incidentals, and damage. Guest must be an occupant of the unit during the entire reserved period.

  • A Credit Card will be provided as a Guarantee in the form of a Security Deposit preauthorized hold in the amount indicated on each cabin to cover incidentals and damage and will be released within 4 days of the checkout date.

  • Potential deductions include but not limited to 

    • (a) damage to the property or furnishings, fixtures, or accessories, or loss,

    • (b) messes like glitter, slime, confetti, trash, paint, hair dye, hair coloring, body paint, spray tan residue, excessive dirt, damages to plumbing, food/food crumbs spilled beverages or wine, evidence or detection of smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, evidence of pet dander, evidence of illegal drug use, evidence of illegal activity,

    • (c) blood, blood stains, vomit, stool, diarrhea, urine, urine stains, or any stains, spills, or fluids requiring excessive cleaning or specialized cleaning procedures

    • (d) violations of occupancy or noise violations,

    • (e) parties and/or events, or

    • (f) any other costs incurred by Homeowner due to Guest’s stay.

  • After reserving a property with us, you’ll receive email confirmation.  Please ensure all requirements, including payment, are met to secure your reservation.


Guest Information Required

  • Due to Emergency purposes and our insurance requirement, list each additional Guest(s) First & Last Name and Birth month and year (including children)

  • Make & Model of Vehicles, Trailers, ORV’s Snowmobiles etc. 

  • Names of Smokers in your cabin or N/A if none 

  • Unauthorized Guests:  Due to the limited amount of parking and the size of the cabins and space, outside guests and visitors must be approved by Mackinaw Timbers Cabins in advance via text or email



  • Contactless check-in time is after 3:00 pm and Check-out time is not later than 12:00 am.

  • There are times when an early check-in is possible.  You're welcome to text us if you arrive early, we'll check with our Guest Prep team and do our best to accommodate.

  • Please adhere to the designated check out time to allow us to prepare the cabin for the next guests. Overstaying may result in additional charges.


Cancellation Policy

  • Refunds are provided for cancellations within the first 48 hours of booking, after 48 hours, we offer a booking credit, in the amount paid, which can be used at any time and does not expire.  

  • Guest assignment or subletting of the reserved cabin is not allowed.


Travel Protection/Trip Cancellation Insurance

  • We strongly recommend the purchase of Travel Protection/Trip Insurance to safeguard your vacation investment.


House Rules & Local Laws

  • Guests must comply with our Guidebook including House Rules, as well as all local and State Rules and Regulations. The digital Guidebook including House Rules are emailed to you approximately 7 days before your stay.

  • Failure to follow these rules may result in termination of access to the premises without a refund.


Maximum Occupancy

  • Maximum occupancy limits must be followed at all times for each cabin.

  • Cabins have different capacities, ranging from 2 adults to 6 adults and 2 children.

  • Tents and Campers are not allowed on the property.

  • Cabins 2 through 10 are not suitable for infants and toddlers.

  • Strict fire code regulations, septic system and well system limitations prevent our properties from being overpopulated.



  • Parking spots are limited to 1 car or truck for each cabin except cabin #11 which has room for 2 – 3 cars or trucks.

  • There is limited additional parking in the back of the property and must be reserved at no additional cost, on a first come, first serve basis.



  • Each cabin is meticulously cleaned, inspected and a video created before your arrival. An assumption of acceptance is presumed once you have brought your things into the cabin.  If you have any concerns about the cleanliness, please contact Mackinaw Timbers Cabins immediately.

  • We do ask our guests to complete “Before you go” checklist and have found that those who do rarely leave personal possessions behind.   

  • No housekeeping is provided during your stay.


Linens and Furnishings

  • A basic supply of bed and bath linens are provided in each cabin as noted on the Amenities section of each cabin’s listing description.  Please bring your own towels for use at the beach or off road and other fun but especially dirt, sand, muddy activities. 

  • Please note the furnishings for each of the cabins have been specially chosen for that particular cabin. We ask that you not take them out of the cabin or transfer them from one cabin to another. 

  • Lost or missing items will be charged to the guest’s credit card on file. 



  • Cooking of Fish is to be done outside on the grill by your cabin and is not allowed in any cabin.

  • No small appliances or cooking utensils are allowed to be brought into Cabins 2 through 10.



  • Outages do occur in this rural setting due to weather, accidents, or equipment failure; we work hard to accommodate our guests when this happens but please note no refunds will be given for such occurrences.

  • The Internet is provided on the site and the internet information is located in each cabin in a little picture frame on or closet to the work area or TV.

  • Our water is provided by a private well; the water is safe to drink.

  • Our sanitary system is provided by a private septic system, it is very important that you do not flush anything down the toilet other than the toilet paper we provide and your bodily waste.

  • Our property does not have facilities for charging electric vehicles.


NO Smoking

  • The cabins are so close together that NO SMOKING or VAPING of any kind is allowed on the entire Premises other than the back left corner of the lot that has a post with a solar light and an ash bucket and 2 chairs.

  • An additional smoke remediation fee of at least $250 will be charged for a violation of this.


NO Fireworks

  • No fireworks of any type are allowed on the property.


Safety Equipment

  • Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers are provided in each cabin and are periodically tested.

  • CO2 Detectors are not provided in any cabin other than Cabin #11 (the house), you are welcome to bring your own plug in device

  • Fire Extinguishers are provided in all cabins normally under or close to the kitchen sinks.

  • Please do not remove or tamper with these devices unless an emergency.

  • If a device is found to be defective or inoperative the Guest shall promptly notify Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC via text or email.


Listing and Pricing

  • Guests are responsible for reviewing the property description, photos, location and amenities, which is believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed, listed online for this property to confirm that it will meet the needs of you and your guest (s).

  • We are happy to confirm all data or answer any questions you may have prior to booking your reservation.

  • Rates are subject to change until your booking requirements are met as noted above. Rates do not include tax, processing fees or travel insurance.


Covered Picnic Area

  • Our covered picnic area may not be available to all guests, there will be a “reserved” sign in the area if someone has arranged to reserve and use the picnic area.

  • The covered picnic area may be reserved by our guests based on availability. There may be an additional fee required.

  • Currently no electric is available near the Covered Picnic Area

  • Guests are asked and expected to maintain the Premises in a neat, clean and orderly manner.


Pet Policy including Assistance Animals 

  • Reviews and Screening:  Mackinaw Timbers Cabins welcomes only dogs and cats  in Cabin #5 and Cabin #10 with a at least two five star reviews or recommendations from other short term vacation rental hosts or 4 or 5 paw score from a third party service at

  • Assistance Animals:  We also require guests with assistance animals to complete the Assistance Animal screening on and be approved.

  • Not staying in Cabin #5 or #10:  If you have a dog and/or cat with you and you are not in Cabin #5 or Cabin #10 do not go into the cabin, text and call Mackinaw Timbers cabins immediately to help you.  If you bring an animal into any other cabin than noted above you will be assessed an additional cleaning fee of a minimum of $150 

  • Dander-Free Cabins:  All other cabins on site are provided as Dander-free cabins for our guests with allergies. No pets are to be brought into our dander-free cabins.

  • Bedding & Towels:  Pets are not allowed on the bed; The towels are for people, please bring any needed for your Pet; If linens have excessive pet hair an additional fee will be added to your bill. 

  • Guest Complaints:  If there is a complaint about a barking dog or excess noise from your pet you must respond immediately to resolve the complaint.  If 2 complaints are made you may be asked to leave with no refund

  • Pet Waste:  You must clean up your pet's waste immediately and place in tightly wrapped bag in the dumpster.  If pet waste is found on the property a minimum of $50 will be added to your bill.

  • Leaving Pets:  Pets must not be left alone for an extended period of time.

  • Pets Outside:  Pets may not be tied up outside nor outside unattended.  Pets should be on a leash when outside.


Legal Necessities

  • Maintaining Premises:  Guests must maintain the Premises in a neat and orderly manner.  They should promptly notify Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC promptly if any repair or maintenance is needed.   Guests should not waste or misuse utilities, fixtures, or any part of the Premises.  Guests will be responsible for reimbursing Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC for damage resulting from any misuse or waste, as well as for repairing or replacing the Premises and its structure, in case of fire, flood or other damage, caused by themselves or their guests.  However, this does not affect Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC’s obligation to maintain and repair the Premises as required by Michigan law.

  • Hold Harmless: Guests agree to hold Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC harmless for any damage to the Premises caused by their negligence or intentional misuse.  They also agree to hold MACKINAW TIMBERS CABINS LLC harmless for any liability resulting from their negligent or illegal use of the Premises.  If MACKINAW TIMBERS CABINS LLC insurance pays out claims due to the actions of the guests, the guests will reimburse MACKINAW TIMBERS CABINS LLC for any insurance deductibles paid.

  • Damage to Guest’s Property: Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC and its agents do not provide insurance coverage for personal property of Guest(s) or their visitors, and will not be liable for any damage, loss, or destruction of that property unless it was caused by Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC or their agents’ failure to fulfil a legal duty or by their grossly negligent or intentional actions.

  • Amendment: Any changes to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by all parties involved. However, Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC has the right to amend the agreement with a 30-day written notice to the Guest. These amendments may be necessary to comply with federal, state, or local laws, rules, or regulations, or to implement rules that ensure the physical health, safety, and peaceful enjoyment of the Guest(s) and their visitors. Once the notice is given, the agreement is considered amended according to the terms specified in the notice.

  • Use and Quiet Enjoyment: Guests are only allowed to use the Premises for short-term purposes and must avoid engaging in any behavior that unreasonably disturbs others, including fellow guests, neighbors, and Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC. Parties or events cannot be held at or from the Premises without prior written agreements.

  • Entire Agreement: This agreement is the complete and final agreement between the parties. No other agreements are included or binding unless specifically mentioned in this agreement. The guest's previous statements to Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC are considered part of this agreement, and the guest confirms that all information provided is accurate and remains accurate.

  • Booking Disclosure: Cabins are not considered booked until Booking Requirement noted above are met.  Once you book, all agreements of rental policy are enforced. You understand by booking your selected property, that you have read, understand and agreed to the entire agreement and agree to follow the outlined terms and conditions. You further agree to immediately contact Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC if concerns about the Premises arise. All rates are subject to change before you have officially booked.

  • Violation of Agreement: If Guest(s) violate any of the conditions of this Agreement, Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC may terminate this Agreement and enter the premises.  Upon notice (either verbal or electronic or written) termination of this Agreement, Guest shall vacate the Premises immediately, forfeit all fees and security deposits.

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