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Pet-Friendly Policy

Pet Policy for Dogs and Cats, including Assistance Animals:

  • Designated Pet-Friendly Cabins: We welcome dogs and cats, including assistance animals, only in Cabin #5 and Cabin #10.

  • Dander-Free Cabins: To support guests with allergies, all cabins except for #5 and #10 are maintained as dander-free zones. Dogs and cats are not allowed in these cabins.

  • Compliance with Cabin Assignments: Dogs and cats, including Assistance Animals must stay in the designated pet-friendly cabins. Bringing a dog or cat into any other cabin will result in a significant additional charge.

  • Bedding & Towels: Guests with dogs or cats, including Assistance Animals should bring their own pet bedding (including bed linens if they sleep in or on the bed with you) and towels. If your dog or cat will sleep on the bed, inform us in advance so we can remove existing bedding.

  • Noise and Complaints: Please address any noise complaints from other guests immediately. Repeated disturbances may lead to being asked to vacate without a refund.

  • Pet Waste Management: Promptly clean up after your dog or cat, using tightly wrapped bags placed in designated dumpsters. A fee of $50 per incident will be charged for any waste found on the property.

  • Unattended Dogs and Cats: Do not leave dogs or cats, including Assistance Animals alone in the cabins for extended periods.

  • Outdoor Conduct: Dogs and cats must not be left unattended or tied up outside and should be on a leash at all times.

This policy ensures that all guests, including those with dogs and cats and Assistance Animals, enjoy a comfortable and safe stay at Mackinaw Timbers Cabins.

Which Pets Should Stay at Home

  • Fearful pets - if your pet is fearful of new surroundings/unfamiliar activity, it may be best not to bring them so you don't stress your fur baby out.

  • Female pet in heat

  • Puppies

  • Barking dog (to the extent that would warrant complaint from other guests/disrupt the enjoyment of others)

  • Aggressive dog

  • Sick pet

Suggested Items to Bring for our Pet

  • Sturdy leash

  • Collar with up-to-date contact information

  • Familiar blanket and/or bed

  • Food and treats

  • Water

  • Food and water bowls

  • Favorite toy and chew items.

  • Medications and supplements

  • Waste removal bags

  • Wipes for easy clean up

  • Pet first aid kit

  • Flashlight for nightly walks

  • Vaccination records

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