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Read, Write, and Relax - Anytime, Rain, Snow or Shine

Updated: May 7

At Mackinaw Timbers Cabins, we invite you to immerse yourself in the simple beauty of nature while indulging in the little pleasures of life. With our cozy accommodations and rural surroundings, guests can unwind and relax, finding solace in the opportunity to read, write, and relax amidst the rustic charm of Northern Michigan. Whether curling up with a good book, penning thoughts in a journal, or simply sitting by the campfire spinning tales, every stay promises a retreat to a simpler life.

Things to do:

  1. Explore the Literary Treasures at one of the Bookstores in Cadillac: Horizon BooksBound for Books, or The Book Nook:   Step into one of these quintessential, small-town bookstores, where shelves are lined with stories waiting to be discovered. Lose yourself among the pages, as the unpredictable weather provides the perfect backdrop for your literary adventures.

  2. Cozy up at the Cadillac Wexford Public Library - Nestle in a comfy chair, surrounded by the scent of old paper and the echo of whispered tales.

  3. Savor the flavors at one of our many locally owned Coffee Shops  Owl Eye Coffee RoasterChunky Bear Coffee RoastersMichigan Coffee CoRoasted Cafe, Java & Java Too - Get your hands around a mug of rich, earthy coffee, letting its warmth seep into your bones like the embrace of a your cozy cabin at Mackinaw Timbers.

  4. Stop for Some Warm Roasted Nuts or Freshly Dipped Chocolate at The Sweet Shop: Savor some of the tastiest, simple pleasures of life, as the aroma of roasted nuts and melted chocolate fills the air. 

  5. Take a Leisurely Stroll on the Heritage Trail at Mitchell State Park or at the Waldeck Island Nature Preserve: Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature as you wander along the winding paths. Let the woodsy surroundings and the earthy scent of the forest rejuvenate your spirit, providing a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  6. Curl up with one of the Old Books in your cabin:  Step into another world as you read  one of the many old books nestled within the cozy walls of your cabin. Let the scent of aged paper and the gentle whisper of turning pages transport you back in time."

  7. Cadillac Winery take a drive to this countryside gem amd  pick your favorite to enjoy by the campfire at night, where each sip kindles warmth and memories under the starlit sky.

  8. Write:  Grab a Mackinaw Timbers postcard from your table or desk and delight someone with a handwritten note, adding a touch of charm and nostalgia to your message.  

  9. Your recommendation: Please add your recommendation to this list by adding to the guestbook in your cabin or posting on our Facebook or Instagram page (group) or emailing to or adding to our website guest page.

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