Mackinaw Timbers LLC Policies, Terms & Conditions

Mackinaw Timbers LLC Policies, Terms & Conditions

Mackinaw Timbers LLC Policies, Terms & Conditions



Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC looks forward to your stay. This agreement entitles the Guest, and his or her party (together “Guests”) access to the Premises, including exterior grounds and parking as described in listing or otherwise noted. This agreement does not create a tenancy, and at no time will any Guests be considered to be living at the premises. The primary Guest shall be responsible for all members of his or her party, at all times, and in reference to all terms of this agreement.


CANCELLATION POLICIES: Refunds are given for a cancellation within the first 48 hours after a booking is made or as stated in the rental platform cancellation guidelines.  After 48 hours, Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC offers a booking credit, in the amount paid, including taxes and cleaning fees, which can be used at any time and does not expire.  In no event shall Guest assign or sublet the reserved cabin in whole or in part.


MINIMUM STAYS: There is a 2-night minimum. Some cabins may have higher nightly minimum stay rules – see individual property listing page for details. From time to time we may offer 1-night minimum stays for last minute bookings. 

CHECK-IN/OUT: Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC provides contactless check-in at the specific cabin reserved. Check-in time is after 4:00pm, Check out time is no later than 11:00 am. We must strictly follow designated check-out times to prepare cabin for the next guests; the times are normally not flexible and overstaying check-out time may result in a $50.00 minimum charge. An additional night will be charged for unapproved check-outs past Noon. Guests may request an Early Check-In or Late Check-Out, if approved a charge may apply.

RESERVING YOUR STAY: After reserving a property with Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC you will receive an email confirmation for the booking, all requirements must be met including payment before room is reserved. These requirements include but are not limited to payment in full, credit card for guarantee, ID, name and birthdate of guest(s).  Payment indicates agreement with all Policies, Terms & Conditions. 

AGE REQUIREMENTS:  The person that books any of our cabins must be at least 26 years of age and must be one of the guests staying at the cabin.                

PAYMENT TERMS: Reservations require full payment at time of booking.  We accept Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit cards, mobile wallets, and prepaid cards. We will also accept Money Orders, or Cashier’s Checks, up to 45 days in advance of arrival. 


TRAVEL PROTECTION/TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE: Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC strongly recommends the purchase of Travel Protection/Trip Insurance to protect your vacation investment against storms, injury, sickness including COVID, job loss, or death and other unforeseen covered circumstances, which could cause cancellation of confirmed reservation and forfeiture of payments. We recommend that all Guests purchase this coverage for added financial protection in cancellation situations where we are unable to refund payments. Trip Cancellation Insurance premiums paid (if applicable) are nonrefundable.  If you have purchased Trip Cancellation insurance at the time of making your reservation, please refer to your policy for instructions on recovering your loss due to cancellation.  In no event shall Guest assign or sublet the Rental Property in whole or in part.


HOUSE RULES & LOCAL LAWS & REGULATIONS. Guest access to the Premises is subject to, and contingent upon, Guest compliance with the Guidebook & House Rules as well all local and State Rules and Regulations. The Guidebook & House Rules are incorporated in this agreement by reference. Failure to follow this Agreement, Guidebook and/or House Rules may result in Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC terminating access to the Premises without refund. All are electronic in form and available online, sent to the Guest prior to arrival or upon request.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY:  At all times, maximum occupancy must be followed.  Cabin #1 – 2 Adults and 2 children (includes infants); Cabins #2 thru 10 – 2 Adults Max; #11 - 6 Adults & 2 Children (includes infants).  Cabins 2 through 10 are not suitable for infants and toddlers.  Strict fire code regulations, septic system and well system limitations prevent our properties from being over-populated.  Tents and campers may not be used.


OUTSIDE GUESTS AND VISITORS:  All outside guests and visitors must be pre-approved by Mackinaw Timbers Cabins in advance and in writing

DAMAGES: Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC reserves the right to charge guests the cost of rectifying any damage that occurs to the Premises, or Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC’s property within, during the Guest’s stay. Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC may retain Guest’s credit card information for incidental charges. Guest explicitly pre-authorizes Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC to charge Guest’s credit card the cost of rectifying damage that occurs during Guest’s stay.

GUARANTEE:  You are required to provide a credit card as a guarantee which will be preauthorized

CLEANING. Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC agrees that the Premises has been cleaned and has attempted to comply with all applicable standards and guidelines in place. Guest agrees to accept property in its present state of cleanliness. Guest agrees to return the property in the same condition and in compliance with the check-out list. A non-refundable Cleaning Fee is charged per stay and is noted in your Rental Confirmation based on the size of the property, the sleeping capacity, amenities etc. An additional cleaning fee may be charged if Premises has not been adequately maintained by Guests, as indicated in the Damages section.

LINEN: Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC provides a basic supply of bed and bath linens in each property (sheets, blanket and pillows on each bed, 1 towel and 1 wash cloth per person up to the property capacity, and hand towel(s) in each bath). Should you require extra linen, you should plan to bring them. Bed linen and bath towels are not changed during your stay. Beach towels are not provided.  The startup set of shower soap, toilet tissue, fascial tissue, paper towels and trash bags are not replenished.  

FURNISHINGS: Furnishings are subject to change without notice.  Furniture, bedding, mattress pads, utensils or any other property supplied with the cabin must not be taken out or transferred from once cabin to another.  Loss of these items, as well as damage to the property or furnishings more than normal wear will be charged to the guests, including procurement fees. 

UTILITIES INCLUDING INTERNET:  Outages do occur in this rural setting due to weather, accidents or equipment failure and no refunds will be given.

SMOKING.  Smoking is not allowed on or in the entire Premises.  An additional cleaning fee of at least $250 will be charged for a violation of this condition. There is one small area on the Premises where smoking is allowed – the back left corner and is marked accordingly.

SMOKE/CO2 DETECTORS. No person shall tamper with, meddle with, interfere with, damage, disconnect, deactivate, or otherwise interfere with the effectiveness of a smoke or CO2 detectors. If any detector is found to be defective or inoperative, the Guest shall promptly notify the Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC in writing via text or email.

ENTRY BY MACKINAW TIMBERS CABINS LLC. Guests right to access the property is non-exclusive. Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC reserves the right to access the Premises to inspect or repair. Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC agrees to exercise this right in a reasonable manner.

PET POLICY INCLUDING ASSISTANCE ANIMALS: Mackinaw Timbers Cabins welcomes pets in Cabin #5 and Cabin #10 with a 4 or 5 paw score from a third party service at   We also require guests with assistance animals to complete the Assistance Animals screening and be approved. We strive to provide mutual accountability and responsibility for the benefit of all our guests.  If you bring a pet and are not in Cabin #5 or #10 contact Mackinaw Timbers Cabins immediately to see if Cabin #5 or #10 is available or to help locate a kennel for your pet.  If you bring a pet into your cabin, you will be accessed an additional cleaning fee of $150 minimum. 


LISTINGS AND PRICING: Guests are responsible for reviewing the property description, photos, location, and amenities listed online  for this property to confirm that it will meet the needs of your group. Information regarding individual listings is believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed. We have made every effort to ensure that all the information is current and accurate. The possibility of errors and omissions exists. We will be happy to confirm all data or answer any questions you may have prior to booking your reservation. Rates for holidays, special events, and weekends may be higher. Rates do not include tax, processing or cleaning fees or travel insurance and are subject to change.

PARKING:  Parking spaces are limited to 1 car for each cabin except cabin #11 which has room for 2 cars; there is limited additional parking in the back of the property and must be reserved at no additional cost, on a first come, first serve basis.


COVERED PICNIC AREA:  May not be available to all guests, if you would like to book the use of this you may do so for a fee based on availability

MAINTENANCE NOTICE. Guests will maintain the Premises in a neat, clean, and orderly manner and immediately inform Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC when there is a need for Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC to perform repairs or maintenance. Guest will not cause or permit any waste or misuse of any utility fixtures or of any portion of the Premises. Guest will reimburse Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC for all damages caused by this waste or misuse; for all permit, inspection, and certification costs Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC incurs because of Guest’ noncompliance with this agreement or applicable laws; and for all damages resulting from Guest’ failure to timely report the need for repair or maintenance. Guest will pay and be liable to Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC and/or Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC’s insurer (in contract and/or tort) for the repair of all damage to, and/or replacement of, the Premises and structure of which they are a part, including fire and flood damage and all lost rental income from that, in any way caused or made necessary by Guest, their guests, invitees, licensees, or agents. Nothing in this clause waives or lessens Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC’s obligation to maintain and repair the Premises under Michigan law.


HOLD HARMLESS. Guests agree for themselves, their heirs, and personal representatives to hold Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC harmless from all damages, including damages to the Premises and structure of which they are a part and all liability that results from their negligent or illegal use of the Premises and from their intentional misuse of them. When claims against Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC’s insurance are paid because of acts or omissions of Guest or Guest’s visitors, guests, or invitees, Guest will reimburse Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC for any insurance deductible paid.


DAMAGE TO GUEST’S PROPERTY. Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC and its agents do not provide any insurance coverage for personal property of Guest, their guests, or invitees, and will not be liable for any damage, loss, or destruction of that property from any cause, including acts or omissions of third parties, unless caused by Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC or Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC’s agents’ nonperformance or negligent performance of a duty imposed by law or by their grossly negligent or intentional actions.


AMENDMENT. This agreement may only be amended in writing, signed by all parties; except that on 30 days’ written notice to Guest, Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC may amend this agreement to conform with changes required by federal, state, or local law, rule, or regulation or to implement changes in rules relating to the Premises that are required to protect the physical health, safety, or peaceful enjoyment of Guest and guests. On giving these notices, this agreement is deemed amended in accord with the terms specified in the notice.


USE AND QUIET ENJOYMENT. Guest will use the Premises only for strictly short-term purposes; and refrain from all conduct that unreasonably disturbs each other, other guests, neighbors, or Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC. No parties or events of any sort will be located in or conducted from the Premises without prior written agreements.  We hold guests responsible for inappropriate conduct and behavior which could lead to immediate termination of reservation and use of the Mackinaw Timbers Cabins and property, forfeit all fees and security deposits. 


NO FIREWORKS:  No fireworks of any type are allowed on the property. 


ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This agreement is the entire agreement. There are no other agreements that are part of this agreement or to which the parties are bound unless specifically enumerated in this agreement. Guest’s previous statements to Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC are incorporated herein and Guests agrees that all information supplied was and continues to be accurate.


BOOKING DISCLOSURE:  Cabins are not considered booked until total payment is received.  Once you book, all agreements of rental policy are enforced. You understand by booking your selected property, that you have read, understand and agreed to the entire agreement and agree to follow the outlined terms and conditions. I further agree to immediately contact the Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC if concerns about the Premises arise. All rates subject to change before you have officially booked.

VIOLATION OF AGREEMENT:  If Guest(s) violate any of the conditions of this Agreement, Mackinaw Timbers Cabins LLC may terminate this Agreement and enter premises.  Upon notice (either verbal or electronic or written) termination of this Agreement, Guest shall vacate the Premises immediately, forfeit all fees and security deposits.