What's In a Name: The 7-Point

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As the bow season of deer hunting turns into firearms deer season in a little more than a week it seems appropriate to share Cabin 7 - The 7-Point Cabin, themed and furnished specifically with the deer hunter in mind.



The Post Family Deer Camp was a family tradition for more than 70 years. For the sons of the original Post Brothers and some close friends it was a right of passage from boy to man when the age of 16 was reached and you were finally allowed to go to Deer Camp. Although Mackinaw Timbers were not the cabins these hunters held camp in, they certainly could have been. There were several small cabins near Brethren, MI just west of Cadillac that the Post’s had a standing reservation most of the firearms season. Oh the planning "meetings" that took place in preparation for deer camp...then the target practicing...the gathering of all the equipment, utensils, supplies...delegating of duties; Zeke always the cook, Skunk the assistant, and of course the youngest had KP duty...and all the tasks in between. The anticipation for deer camp was inexplicable and they looked forward to deer hunting like they did for Christmas.



Although The 7-Point is rustic, it’s not quite as rustic as the Post boys deer camp. We have running water, bathrooms and electric coffee pots—vintage percolators nonetheless. It still has the warm yet drafty, rustic yet a bit modern—a nostalgic feel of deer camps of the past. Gingham checked curtains, red and black buffalo plaid touches, a drop leaf table on wheels for the card games and most importantly as you walk in the door or wake up in the morning a 7-point (or is it 6?) buck looking you in the eye. As you step outside the campfire that burns 24/7 at deer camp is just steps away from your door. We hope this and the rest of our cabins make memories for you for a lifetime.


The Post Deer Camp circa early 1950’s: