Fall Clean Up at the Cabins!

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Today we spent a beautiful sunny fall day at Mackinaw Timbers Cabins doing fall clean up! This time of year, although it is bittersweet as we put summer things away, it’s also with anticipation and hope of an early  snowy “up north” winter. This time of year often gets overlooked. The cool sunny days are a delight. Take time to enjoy these quiet peaceful days whether it be as you enjoy the trails and rivers or a picnic at your leisure. There are no crowds and the hustle bustle has been replaced with a more relaxed time. Enjoy these days.


There are still pockets of beautiful fall color.


Love the smells and sounds of walking through the fallen leaves.


The picnic tables are put away for winter.


The vintage chairs are put away until next spring.


The old screen doors are stacked and stored.


As we’re doing our fall to do’s there is also a sense of excitement as we prepare for what we hope turns out to be a snowy winter!