Covid-19 Cleaning at Mackinaw Timbers Cabins

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Covid-19 Cleaning at Mackinaw Timbers

As a lodging facility, Mackinaw Timbers Cabins are still open. It is, however, very quiet, as our state remains under shelter-in-place orders until the end of the month. As we prepare for an anticipated busy summer, I’d like to share with you how Covid-19 has impacted our cleaning procedures. We at Mackinaw Timbers have always taken cleaning very seriously. Our normal routine is to wash all bedding, including comforters, blankets, sheets, towels and rugs. We also keep protectors on our mattresses and pillows, which are disinfected between guests. Now, we are extra careful not to shake any linens as we remove them from the cabin.  Additionally, we are spraying all linens with disinfectant before removing them.  All surfaces, including remotes, doorknobs, light switches and countertops are cleaned and disinfected with a new disposable wipe;  one for each separate surface. Between guests, we disinfect curtains as well. A new development is the use of UV Disinfect Light that will be placed in each cabin after all cleaning has been done, for that next level of protection for our guests.  Finally, no team member will be on-site if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or any other illness- be it fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat etc.  You can rest assured that we have always looked out for our guests, cleaning crew, site team and family and continue to do so.