Cabin #1 is Fully Updated and Ready to Be Booked for this Spring!

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These last details always take so much longer that I anticipate, we never want to open until everything is as close to perfect as possible.  I always spend at least one night in each of the cabins before we open it for guests. Surprising how many things get added to my final to do list after that stay.  That’s exactly what happened this past weekend. So our opening is put off a few weeks while we make sure things are up to the high standards of our cabins.  

I do have another sneak peak though, furnishings are getting place and am still looking for a few missing touches.  The theme for this cabin is really just “Nostalgic Up-north Cabin” When I think of this I think of miss-matched collections of odds and ends that have sentimental meanings, or items passed on from previous owner of the cabin or items kids have found or items you like but just don’t fit in your home décor so to the cabin it goes.  Right now I’m on a mission to find some old glasses that came as jelly containers and often there were smaller special kids glasses, or the silverware for kids that came maybe by saving labels or box tops or included in cereal boxes etc. If you know of any (or course at bargain prices) please let me know. 

Here are the latest photos.


View From the front door:


More kitchen – dining views




Bedroom Area



Kids loft with vintage toy play area



I’ll keep you updated on our progress. If you’re as excited as I am, you can book this cabin now for this spring, summer and beyond. Thanks for your interest!