Cabin #1 Refurbishing

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Cabin #1 Refurbishing


An update on the refurbishing we’ve made to cabin #1! This cabin is the only cabin that appears to have been added on to in the rear and “remodeled”. Sadly all of the interior was covered in drywall, walls and ceilings. Two new windows were installed and two old ones were left, somewhat changed and then painted. Being on a limited budget we had to be creative to bring that rustic, nostalgic charm to this cabin. We are creating as we go. Our work team who most general gather for long work-weekends every two weeks, consists of our carpenter, a family friend, Joe, who is from the east side of the state but shares are vision and is willing to carryout all these creative ideas; Maygan our daughter who is a Lieutenant in the US Air Force, stationed at Wright-Patterson in OH, myself form the Grand Rapids area, and John from the Marion area, who works on our site many hours each week, constantly working on improving the grounds and exterior of the cabins and house.


Back to Cabin #1: Here is the progress taking it from a poorly (in our minds) remodeled cabin to that vintage, stepping back in time with modern twists.

The kitchen before:



Fortunately the plumbing and gas lines were existing so with a bit of rearranging we are able to make this more family friendly – stay tuned for the progress and see the surprise we have in store for you. All the wood on the wall is salvaged from an old floor that was removed from another job:


Our vintage kitchen counter is in! Remember the 40’s counter that was like vinyl flooring? I found some at Landlords Supply in Grand Rapids…and in red! And we’ll have enough to put in the bottoms of the cabinets when they’re done too! Joe was able to create the vintage look aluminum edging out of aluminum angle found at Home Depot. The cooktop and sink are in place ready to be hooked up. The dishwasher drawer will go in the largest opening. The wood wall has a coat of poly which really made it come alive! New vintage look light fixtures have been installed.

The bath, loft & trim should be finished soon. Can't wait!


Notice the main room popcorn ceiling, ugly laminate floors:


Here is progress – wood ceiling over the popcorn and wood floors after removing the laminate and 3 layers of carpet. Guess what our wood ceiling and floor is made from:



The addition was built with a cathedral ceiling – here is the before:



so we decided to make this a loft for the kids to sleep in – will be very small but fun. Notice the wood ceiling and floor carried thru from the front of the house. The loft will have a four posted log bed below for the adults:



Here’s a picture of the bathroom before – not too bad but certainly not the rustic look



We replaced the white plastic and drywall with knotty pine and carried the wood floors into the bath. The shower walls are getting new galvanized too.

We’ll be posting some more recent photos of the work soon…stay tuned!